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President Message


photoI am very excited about my term as PSHA President. I am confident that the Executive Board will be very productive in the next year. I wanted to give you some behind-the-scenes insight into what the Board does. The Board meets four times each year (April, June, September, December). We have moved to Zoom meetings for three meetings to help cut travel costs and will meet face-to-face at the PSHA Convention as usual. The President, Past President, and President Elect also have a monthly leadership call with the PSHA Business Office so that we keep forward momentum in our advocacy efforts.

Our priority tasks this year are to continue to advocate for an easier process for provisional licensure and transition from provisional to full licensure. Last year was the first year of the provisional licensure application process and this year is when our first group of provisional licensees apply for full licensure. We know that both processes need to be streamlined. We have sent out a survey to get more information from those who have completed applications. I encourage everyone who has been through the application process to respond to the survey. We need your input as we meet with the State Board of Examiners in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology to discuss the application process.

We are also working on providing additional clarification regarding the Educational Specialist Certification versus the Instructional Certification. PSHA has advocated for the Educational Specialist Certification so that those working in the public school system have met the same standards as those working in other settings. We are working with the Pennsylvania Board of Education to ensure that the Educational Specialist Certification is possible for all qualified graduates and provides the same advancement possibilities as Instructional Certification.

We also continue to advance our continuing education opportunities for PSHA members. We are making some changes to the PSHA Convention to allow for even more continuing education hours. We are also discussing other ways of providing continuing education to our members.

We need more volunteers to be successful with all of the efforts. We have formed several committees, including: Social Media Committee, Membership Committee, Awards/Scholarships Committee, Continuing Education Committee, Professional Issues Committee, and Publications Committee. If you would like to volunteer please contact the PSHA Business Office at

Thank you to all of our PSHA members for all you do to advocate for our professions and for those we serve. I hope that you provide input throughout my term as President so we can help you with the issues you face in our work settings. We would also love to hear about your professional success stories throughout the year. If you have a story to share or a professional question, please send to the PSHA Business Office.

Best wishes,
Mary Beth Mason, PhD, CCC-SLP
PSHA President

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